Why Fiber?

Optical fiber is hundreds of times faster than DSL, cable or wireless systems, and is delivered directly to your building.

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Internet Plans and Pricing

How much are you paying for Internet?
Does that price include the modem or router?

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US Internet’s fiber Inter- net service is currently available in select areas. Please check the addresses and map.

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Home Phone Plans and Pricing

US Internet’s feature rich, business class phone service is now available to residential users

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speed test

US Internet is breaking new ground by bringing the high-speed gigabit fiber optic Internet to individual residences. Check our expanding coverage areas, and sign up today.

What people are saying about USI’s Fiber Internet:
“USI is awesome!”  (more)
“the first speed test just made my jaw drop” (more)

Internet access, networking and IT services

iconUS Internet strengthens the operational efficiencies of businesses and consumers with innovative, in-demand solutions and a focus on reducing costs.
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