Coverage Areas & Implementation Schedule

UPDATE – 2015 Fiber build season has been completed ahead of schedule!

US Internet’s Fiber Internet Service is currently available in select areas. Please check the coverage addresses and map to see if your residence is on one of the streets with fiber installed or to be installed. If you don’t see your home listed, then we have no plans to install fiber Internet on your street in 2015. For a map that shows the locations of apartments, condos and other multi-dwelling units that are equipped with fiber, click the Fiber Apartment Locator Map.

If you’ve already signed up, expect a call from us to schedule installation to your home.

2015 Fiber Season – All Live

Address Ranges Date Available
3000-3799 Blaisdell Ave S Live
3100-3599 Lyndale Ave S Live
3600-4199 Lyndale Ave S Live
3901-4199 Blaisdell Live
4000-4199 Wentworth Live
2000-2699 3rd Ave S Live
3801-3899 Blaisdell Live
2000-2299 2nd Ave S Live
4200-4799 Wentworth Live
4200-4799 Blaisdell Live
4200-4799 1st Ave S Live
4200-4799 Lyndale Live
4800-5199 Aldrich Ave S Live
4800-5199 Lyndale Live
5000-5199 Bryant Ave S Live
5000-5199 Colfax Ave S Live
4800-4999 Colfax Ave S Live
4800-5199 Dupont Ave S Live
4600-5199 Emerson Ave S Live
4600-5099 Fremont Ave S Live
4700-5099 Girard Ave S Live
1300-1460 Minnehaha Pkwy Live
4600-4799 Humboldt Ave S Live
2831-2867 James Ave S Live
4200-4799 5th Ave S Live
4200-4799 Columbus Ave S Live
4200-5199 2nd Ave S Live
5000-5199 3rd Ave S Live
4400- 4999 Clinton Ave S Live
4800-4999 Portland Live
4800-4999 Oakland Live
4800-4999 Park Ave S Live
4200-4799 Oakland Ave S Live
4700-4999 Elliot Live
4700-4999 10th Ave Live
4600-4999 13th Ave S Live
4700-4999 14th Ave S Live
4200-4799 15th Ave S Live
2880-2999 James Ave S Live
2880-2999 Irving Ave S Live
2880-2999 Humboldt Ave S Live
2880-2999 Knox Ave S Live
4200-4799 16th Ave S Live
4200-4799 18th Ave S Live
4800-5199 Garfield Ave S Live
3600-4199 Grand Ave S Live
4200-4799 Grand Ave S Live

Now Available

Street Address Ranges
1st Ave 2000-2899 1st Ave S
4200-4799 1st Ave S
2nd Ave 2000-2299 2nd Ave S
4200-5199 2 Ave S
3rd Ave 2000-2699 3rd Ave S
5000-5199 3rd Ave S
5th Ave 4200-4799 5th Ave S
10th Ave 4700-4999 10th Ave S
13th Ave 4600-4999 13th Ave S
14th Ave 4700-4799 14th Ave S
15th Ave 4700-4799 15th Ave S
16th Ave 4200-4799 16th Ave S
18th Ave 4200-4799 18th Ave S
Abbott 5000-5199 Abbott
Aldrich 2000-2899 Aldrich Ave S
4800-5199 Aldrich Ave S
3000-4799 Aldrich Ave S
Beard 5000-5199 Beard
Blaisdell 2400-2899 Blaisdell Ave S
3000-3799 Blaisdell Ave S
3801-3899 Blaisdell Ave S
3901-4199 Blaisdell Ave S
4200-4799 Blaisdell Ave S
Bryant 1700-1899 Bryant Ave S
2000-2899 Bryant Ave S
5000-5199 Bryant Ave S
Calhoun 3000-3399 East Calhoun Pkwy
Clinton 4400-4999 Clinton Ave S
Chowen 5000-5199 Chowen Ave S
Colfax 1700-1899 Colfax Ave S
1900-2899 Colfax Ave S
3000-4799 Colfax Ave S
4800-4999 Colfax Ave S
5000-5199 Colfax Ave S
Columbus 4200-4799 Columbus Ave S
Douglas 700-1899 Douglas Ave S
Drew 5000-5199 Drew Ave S
Dupont 1700-2199 Dupont Ave S
2300-2899 Dupont Ave S
3000-4799 Dupont Ave S
4800-5199 Dupont Ave S
E. Lake Harriet 4200-4399 E Lake Harriet Pkwy
Elliot 4700-4999 Elliot
Emerson 1700-2899 Emerson Ave S
3000-3599 Emerson Ave S
4600-5199 Emerson Ave S
Euclid 2400-2699 Euclid Pl
Ewing 5000-5199 Ewing Ave S
Fremont 1700-2599 Fremont Ave S
2600-2899 Fremont Ave S
3000-5099 Fremont Ave S
Garfield 2000-2899 Garfield Ave S
3000-4799 Garfield Ave S
4800-5199 Garfield Ave S
Girard 1700-3599 Girard Ave S
Grand 2000-2599 Grand Ave S
2700-2899 Grand Ave S
3600-4799 Grand Ave S
Harriet 2000-2899 Harriet Ave S
3000-4799 Harriet Ave S
Hennepin 2600-2799 Hennepin Av S
Holmes 3000 – 3599 Holmes Ave S
Humboldt 1700-1999 Humboldt Ave S
2200-2856 Humboldt Ave S
2880-2999 Humboldt Ave S
3000-3599 Humboldt Ave S
Irving 1700-1999 Irving Ave S
2200-2868 Irving Ave S
2880-2999 Irving Ave S
3000-3599 Irving Ave S
James 1700-2199 James Ave S
2831-2867 James Ave S
2880-2999 James Ave S
3000-3199 James Ave S
Knox 1700-1969 Knox Ave S
2880-2999 Knox Ave S
3000-3099 Knox Ave S
Lake Pl 2300-2599 Lake Pl
Lincoln 900-1899 Lincoln Ave S
Logan 1700-1999 Logan Ave S
Lyndale 2000-2799 Lyndale Ave S
3100-3599 Lyndale Ave S
3600-4199 Lyndale Ave S
4200-4799 Lyndale Ave S
4800-5199 Lyndale Ave S
Minnehaha Pkwy 1300-1460 Minnehaha Pkwy
Morgan 1700-1799 Morgan Ave S
Oakland 4800-4999 Oakland Ave S
4200-4799 Oakland Ave S
Park 4800-4999 Park Ave S
Pillsbury 2000-2899 Pillsbury Ave S
3000-4799 Pillsbury Ave S
Pleasant 2000-2899 Pleasant Ave S
3000-4799 Pleasant Ave S
Portland 4800-4999 Portland Ave S
Stevens 2000-2799 Stevens Ave S
Summit Ave 800-1800 Summit Ave S
York 5000-5199 York
Wentworth 4000-4199 Wentworth
4200-4799 Wentworth
Zenith 5000-5199 Zenith

USI Fiber Network Map

FALM Button300

Note: “Now Available” means that bundles of fiber optic cables have been installed through the boulevards on the street indicated. After this critical step is completed, we proceed to install the transmission equipment necessary to connect the hundreds of individual residences involved. Obviously all homes cannot be wired simultaneously, and the wait time for any given subscriber could be anywhere from a few hours to three weeks.