Plans and Prices

Fiber to the Home – Plans and Prices for Residences

Reduce your Internet bill!

How much are you paying for Internet? Does that price include activation and recurring monthly taxes and fees? To get the price, do you have to bundle it with other costly services? Do the special prices double after the introductory period?

US Internet has made fiber-based Internet available directly to your home, condo or apartment at speeds up to 10 Gbps and at costs as low as $34.95. There are no hidden fees!

Check out our low prices and see how they compare:

50 Mbps Up/Down $ 34.95 / month
100 Mbps Up/Down $ 44.95 / month
250 Mbps Up/Down $ 54.95 / month
1 Gbps Up/Down $ 69.95 / month
10 Gbps Up/Down $ 298.00 / month
Fees and
included in price

Choose the plan that’s right for you, then verify your eligibility and sign up here. Add our Ravon high quality Voice over IP phone service for only $19.95/month.