About Us

What people are saying about USI’s Fiber Internet:

“…USI is awesome…I found a place that had fiber installed, signed the paperwork then called them up and 10 minutes later had 100mbps all ready to go!” (see full thread on reddit)

“…the first speed test just made my jaw drop…” (see full thread on reddit)

“Moving to an apartment in Minneapolis this fall that has US Internet fiber. You bet I was pushing for neighborhoods that were already wired :-)” (see full thread on reddit)

US Internet strengthens the operational efficiencies of businesses and consumers with innovative, in-demand solutions and a focus on reducing costs. The company has been delivering Internet access, networking and IT services, and on-demand hosting and communications solutions since 1995.

With it’s roots firmly entrenched in the ISP sector, the company moved quickly to take advantage of technological developments as they have emerged, assembling a very successful portfolio of related products and services, including:

  • Hosting and collocation services, encompassing backup and disaster recover, application and web hosting
  • Creation of Securence, world’s leading email filtering and management solution
  • Development and implementation of the Minneapolis WiFi network and establishment of USI Wireless
  • Hosted Voice over IP private telephone and data services under the brand name Ravon
  • ClearRack Cloud Computing services
Today US Internet is a global, rapidly growing, financially prosperous company that has rounded out its eighteenth year with a major expansion of its Minnetonka, MN data center, bringing the facility’s square footage up to twenty thousand. The company has additional colocation centers in Milwaukee, WI, Honolulu, Hawaii, London, UK, and Sydney, AU.