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US Internet to Launch New 2.5 and 5 Gbps Fiber Internet Service in Q1 2016 for Minneapolis Residents

–(Marketwired – Dec 15, 2015) – US Internet (“USI” –, a pioneering global Internet and data services provider since 1995, today announced the upcoming launch of an all-new 2.5 and 5 Gbps fiber Internet service in Q1 2016 via its state-of-the-art “Active Ethernet” fiber platform for residents and businesses of the City of Minneapolis….(read entire article)

10 Gbps AT $399 PER MONTH

Minnetonka, December 2014: US Internet redefines the phrase ” broadband internet “with the launch of it’s new 10 Gbps internet service available to residential and small business owners , the fastest service the world has ever seen.
The launch of our US Internet’s 10 Gbps service will make Minneapolis the first City in the World to receive access to the internet at a speed never seen in the before, with matching download and upload speeds.
From a recent study the US ranks 31st in the world in download speed (av. 20.77 Gbps), compared to Hong Kong who holds the
number1 position at 72.49 Gbps, UNTIL NOW!
US Internet provides: $399 per month guarantees our premier service, which includes all customer equipment and management assured excellent customer service.
Competitors 2014 / 2015: GOOGLE is introducing a similar network in 2017; VERIZON is currently testing their 10 Gbps, but have no implementation date; US INTERNET is tested and ready to be in your home’s at effective December 18th 2014 – sign up now!

US Internet to Offer High-Speed Connection in Minneapolis

CBS Minnesota

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U.S. Internet has plans for a broader Twin Cities broadband
– Pioneer Press

St. Paul is an Internet-access backwater compared with some other Minnesota cities, where fiber-optic connections to residences and businesses are capable of delivering blazingly fast data downloads.

No broadband provider in the saintly city currently offers general availability of such cutting-edge fiber-based Internet service. But by 2020, at least two providers say they will.

U.S. Internet, which provides Minneapolis with WiFi and fiber-to-the-home service, said it has expansion plans that are set to start next summer and are almost certain to eventually include St. Paul.  (read more)

Ultra-fast Internet is coming but Minnesota’s in the slow lane

– MPR News

Along Lyndale Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhoods of southwest Minneapolis, US Internet has spent four years and millions of dollars snaking cables under sidewalks within reach of 23,000 homes, apartments and businesses.

It is among the broadband companies racing to give consumers fast Internet connections that would allow them to do things like watch Netflix without any timeouts and run home businesses that need fat and fast pipes to the Web. Telecom companies typically work such magic through fiber optic technology, which transmits data on a stream of laser light, rather than electrical signals.  (read more)

1-gigabit Internet service available for 4,000 Mpls. homes
– Star Tribune

You can’t buy blazingly fast, 1 billion-bit-per-second Internet service just anywhere in Minneapolis, but 4,000 homeowners soon will be in the right place for it.

USI Wireless, a unit of U.S. Internet Corp. of Minnetonka, will expand its honeycomb of fiber-optic cables that support the Minneapolis Wi-Fi network, which the company operates under a contract with the city.  (read more)

Google Fiber passed MN by — but a few of us can get gigabit Internet anyway
– Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

For a handful of Minneapolis households, the fastest Internet they can buy comes from a wireless company — but it comes over a wire.  The Star Tribune reports that USI Wireless, a unit of Minnetonka-based U.S. Internet,  is expanding its fiber-optic network that acts as the backbone…  (read more)