Why Fiber?

Optical fiber is hundreds of times faster than DSL, cable or wireless systems. And while the cable and phone companies’ networks may be partially fiber, the US Internet network is fiber all the way to your building. That means no bottlenecks or slowdowns can occur like they do when data reaches the copper technology that the other guys are using to deliver the signal to your residence.


Of course many factors affect bandwidth–including the type of transmission technology used, the length of the cable runs and the network architecture employed. And, actual speed is often less than what is promised in the service agreement. To get an accurate reading as to what your true Internet speed is go to speedtest.net and run the test. US Internet always delivers the true speed quoted.


Large files, like megapixel digital photos, applications for your computer or your favorite movies, can clog the pipes of lesser networks. But not US Internet’s fiber network. The bandwidth is enormous, and can keep massive amounts of data flowing freely, with no compression. As your need for speed continues to grow, and it will, a complete fiber network like ours is the only infrastructure ready to handle it. Files will continue to get bigger, along with the need for more bandwidth.

Future-proof your home.

Less than 2% of households in America have fiber installed. Join the ranks of the elite and make yours an even more attractive property by equipping it with the best communication technology on the planet. Be prepared for future bandwidth-hungry technologies and applications for years to come.

Fiber to the Home adds about $5,000 to the price of a home.
–RVA Survey of Home Buyers and Developers

Equal Upload and Download Speeds.

Choose your speed from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps for both downloading and uploading files. No other local provider can give you this symmetrical speed capability. Check out Our Plans and Prices and sign up today.